Immanuel is focused on equipping you and your family to strengthen your relationship with God and live out your faith in your everyday life.  We provide a number of ways for you to continue your journey and grow in your faith!

Children’s Sunday School (Sundays @ 9 a.m.) from September to May

Starting the kids out right is an important part of faith formation.  At Immanuel, we provide a fun, energetic and interactive environment where children from pre-school to 6th grade are able to explore and learn Bible stories and how they can apply them in their lives.  Each week, your child will learn how the whole Bible is all about God’s love for us in Jesus and grow in their faith!

Multi-Generational Sunday Morning Study (Sundays @ 9 a.m.) from September to May

Each generation, young and old, have questions.  But they also have unique and powerful perspectives on the world, God, and faith that can inform one another.  Immanuel maximizes our discipleship by having both young and old talking about faith together. When a Middle School or High School student shares their perspective with someone in their 60’s, or vice versa, both benefit.  We have found that this learning environment helps everyone make sense of a sometimes non-sensical world and equips everyone to engage the world with confidence.

Youth Small Group (Sunday Mornings at 9 AM) 7th-12 Grades

Helping young people grow in their faith is an important part of what Immanuel is all about.  Being young can be a difficult and tumultuous time…for parents and kids!  By giving them their own space to ask questions and grow in their faith, young people find that they aren’t alone and that God’s word has a message just for them.

We also make sure to get out and have a little fun as well, building strong and positive relationships with one another and other adults to give a solid base for the students to build on.  And hey…Joy is a gift of God…so fun is a must!

Wednesday Night Small Group Study (6:30 PM at Immanuel September-May)

One of the best sayings about the Bible is that it’s the only book that reads you.  On Wednesday nights we get together to dive into God’s word, hear what it is saying to us, to our world, to our lives.  No matter what, you come away with a different perspective on God’s plan for you in Jesus Christ.