Immanuel is a growing faith family that has been part of the Schenectady region for over 115 years!  With deep roots in our community, we look to bring the amazing message of God’s love for the world to the area by making God’s love real and visible. Simply put, we seek to Give. Real. Grace.


When we say Give, it means that we encourage one another to live generously, following in the footsteps of Jesus in service toward our community.  We give of our time by volunteering to serve those around us. Whether it’s helping at a food pantry, serving meals at the City Mission, or caring for people when they come home from the hospital, Immanuel gives of themselves.

But we know that we can’t change the world by ourselves. That’s why we also live generously and give to those in our area that are transforming  people’s lives in real ways.  Through our partnerships with the City Mission, Safe Inc., and the Schenectady Inner City Ministry, we are helping people increase their impact and serve others when they need it the most.


It’s not always something that we see from people today.  That’s why at Immanuel we make sure to focus on meeting people where they are.  Immanuel isn’t a place where you have to put on a façade or pretend.  By spending time with one another, by building relationships and community, we make sure that you don’t have to try and be something you’re not.  God loves and accepts you right where you are… and so do we!


God’s undeserved, unimaginable love and acceptance through Jesus Christ.  It’s at the core of who we are as disciples. It’s because of God’s grace that we can live generously, knowing that because God has everything taken care of, we’ve got nothing to worry about!  It’s because of God’s grace that we can be real with one another, meeting each person where they are and growing with them. And it’s God’s grace in Jesus Christ that we look forward to sharing with you!